New IP is: , and soon you'll be able to connect from . You can play there starting on Sunday, 28th February.

Due to unexpected technical reasons, we must change the IP of the server. New IP will be announced as soon as the server is working on the new location, and the old IP will have a redirection to the new IP.

You won't lose either XP or levels. You can also connect to server using the address '' instead of the IP.

We apologize for the issues that this unexpected IP change might cause, and we're looking forward to see you in server!


24 May
Written by:John Doe

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Rules of GoC server:

Spawnkilll is allowed

Any Language in mainchat is allowed

NO  Cheating"

NO  Racial comments"

NO  Bug using / glitching"


NO  Recruiting"

NO  intentional blocking"

NO  intentional gameplay ruining (open door for enemies...)"

NO  teambleeding / teamkilling"

NO  Winner Team Joining (WTJ)"

NO  Going spec while poisoned"

NO  provoking"

Admins and special members (donors) can punish those actions in the way they think it's the best. A general schema is:

--> Warn / gib the rule breaker || put him spec / mute / permanent mute (depending on the case) || kick / ban limited time / ban permanent <<--


Players must respect the rules and admins decision. Complaints can be made in the special section in forums.


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Voicechats List

Below you have all the sounds in voice chats and their codes to bind them easily. To bind a voicechat sound, open the console (or config file) and write: '''/bind [key to bind] vsay [vsay code] [custom text]''' Example: '''''/bind K vsay hi ^3HeLLo!''''' will show 'HeLLo!' in yellow color.

1. Path Cleared.   vsay PathCleared
2. Enemy Weak!   vsay EnemyWeak 
3. All Clear   vsay AllClear 
4. Incoming   vsay Incoming 
5. Fire In The Hole!   vsay FireInTheHole 
6. I'm Defending.   vsay OnDefense 
7. I'm Attacking.   vsay OnOffense 
8. Taking Fire!   vsay TakingFire
9. Mines Cleared   vsay MinesCleared 
0. Enemy Disguised   vsay EnemyDisguised
1. Need Medic!   vsay Medic 
2. Need Ammo!   vsay NeedAmmo
3. Need Backup!   vsay NeedBackup
4. Need Engineer!   vsay NeedEngineer
5. Cover Me!   vsay CoverMe 
6. Hold Fire! vsay HoldFire
7. Where To?   vsay WhereTo 
8. Need Covert Ops!   vsay NeedOps
9. Need Field Ops!   vsay NeedField
0. Fall Back!   vsay FTFallBack
1. Follow Me!   vsay FollowMe
2. Let's Go!   vsay LetsGo 
3. Move!   vsay Move
4. Clear The Path!   vsay ClearPath
5. Defend Objective!   vsay DefendObjective 
6. Disarm Dynamite!   vsay DisarmDynamite
7. Clear Mines!   vsay ClearMines
8. Reinforce Offense   vsay ReinforceOffense
9. Reinforce Defense   vsay ReinforceDefense
0. Attack!   vsay FTAttack
1. Yes vsay Affirmative
2. No vsay Negative
3. Thanks vsay Thanks
4. Welcome vsay Welcome
5. Sorry vsay Sorry
6. Oops   vsay Oops
7. Construct CP   vsay ccp 
8. Right away   vsay 113 
9. No can do   vsay 114
 1. Yes vsay Affirmative
 2. No vsay Negative
 3. Enemy Weak vsay EnemyWeak
 4. Hi vsay Hi
 5. Bye vsay Bye
 6. Great Shot vsay GreatShot
 7. Cheer vsay Cheer
 8. More Globals close wm_quickglobal_alt
 1. Thanks vsay Thanks
 2. Welcome vsay Welcome
 3. Oops vsay Oops 
 4. Sorry vsay Sorry
 5. Hold Fire vsay HoldFire
 6. Good Game vsay GoodGame
 7. Attack!   vsay FTAttack
1. Command Acknowledged vsay CommandAcknowledged
2. Command Declined vsay CommandDeclined
3. Command Completed vsay CommandCompleted
4. Destroy Primary Objective vsay DestroyPrimary 
5. Destroy Secondary Objective vsay DestroySecondary
6. Destroy Construction vsay DestroyConstruction
7. Commencing Construction vsay ConstructionCommencing
8. Repair Vehicle vsay RepairVehicle
9. Disable Vehicle vsay DestroyVehicle
0. Escort Vehicle vsay EscortVehicle
 1. Spank vsay goc
 2. Chainsaw vsay chainsaw
 3. The A Team vsay ateam
 4. Spiderpig vsay spiderpig
 5. You Can`t Touch This vsay g12
 6. Holy Shit vsay g02
 7. Pumpgun vsay pumpgun
 8. Jump vsay jump
 9. Powerfull vsay powerfull
 0. Fresse halten vsay schnautze
 1. WaAazZuUUp vsay g06
 2. Guten Tag vsay fb_hello_gutentach
 3. Hallo vsay fb_hello_halloerstmal
 4. Morgen Ihr Luschen vsay fb_hallo_morgenihrluschen
 0. Tschüss vsay fb_bye_machtsgut
 6. Ab ins Bett vsay fb_bye_insbettduschlingel
 7. Gute Nacht Ladys vsay fb_bye_gutenachtladys
 8. Good Bye vsay fb_bye_goodbye
 9. Bye Bye Baby vsay fb_bye_byebyebaby
 5. Good Morning Vietnam vsay vietnam
 1. Big Gun vsay biggun
 2. Attack vsay g07
 3. Don't Cry vsay dontcry
 4. That's The Way vsay way
 5. Hate Me vsay hateme
 6. Hit By vsay hitby
 7. Open Your Eyes vsay open
 8. Shoot Me vsay shootme
 9. We Are The Champions vsay g11
 0. Die my darling vsay g05
 1. Kill Me Camper vsay ff_song_badboys
 2. Eskimopussy vsay ff_song_eskimopussy
 3. Let me entertain you vsay ff_song_letmeentertainyou
 4. Lol vsay g03
 5. Let's have a party vsay ff_song_party
 6. Wtf vsay wtf
 7. Come Out vsay fc_camper_comeout
 8. Superperforator vsay ff_song_superperforator
 9. Rifle vsay g10
 0. Camper-Camper vsay g04
 1. Game Over vsay g08
 2. Haleluja ... vsay fg_sonstiges_halejuja
 3. Shut up vsay g09
 4. Crazy Kuh vsay fg_sonstiges_madcow
 5. T.N.T. vsay ff_song_tnt
 6. Crap vsay crap
 7. Stop whining vsay fg_sonstiges_stopwhining
 8. Teams vsay teams
 9. No Engineer?! vsay fg_sonstiges_znoengineers
 0. Teamwork vsay tw
 1. ATTACKE ... vsay fe_infight_attacke
 2. Ziel auf den Kopf ... vsay fe_infight_aufkopfzielen
 3. Wie kannst Du noch leben? vsay fe_infight_wiekannscheisserleben
 4. Ich brauche Gegner ... vsay fe_infight_gegneropfer
 5. Gruendlich zielen ... vsay fe_infight_gruendlichzielen
 6. Jetzt ist Krieg ... vsay fe_infight_jetztistkrieg
 7. Gewehr verloren??? vsay fe_infight_kanonesuchsthabsie
 8. Ordentlich vertrimmen! vsay fe_infight_vertrimmen
 9. Wenn sie Krieg wollen ... vsay fe_infight_wennsiekriegwollen
 0. Papstsegen vsay fg_sonstiges_papst
 1. Ha... Gaaaaaay! vsay fd_getroffen_hagay
 2. Wer war das? vsay fd_getroffen_werwardas
 3. Headshot vsay fd_getroffen_hithead
 4. Kennst Du kein Mitleid? vsay fd_getroffen_keinmitleidinruhe
 5. Nicht du schon wieder ... vsay fd_getroffen_nichtduschonwieder
 6. Och noe ... vsay fd_getroffen_ochnoe
 7. Scheisse Scheisse Scheisse vsay fd_getroffen_scheissescheisse
 8. Your Headshot vsay ff_song_wolly
 9. Boom Headshot vsay boom
 0. Oh my god! vsay fd_getroffen_omg
 1. Bis einer weint ... vsay fj_versagen_biseinerweint
 2. So eine Blamage! vsay fj_versagen_blamage
 3. Einer ist immer der Looser! vsay fj_versagen_einerderlooser
 4. Starwars vsay ff_song_starwars
 5. I can't belive it vsay fj_versagen_icantbelieveit
 6. Meckern meckern vsay fj_versagen_koenntnurmeckern
 7. Männer  macht was!
 8. Warum bin ich nur ... vsay fj_versagen_warumbinicheinversager
 9. Was gibts zu lachen? vsay fj_versagen_wasgibtszulachen
 0. Hax vsay fc_cheater_short
 1. Jetzt bekommt Ihr Aerger ... vsay fh_spott_aerger
 2. Nanananana vsay fh_spott_aetsch
 3. Alten Mann nicht schlagen! vsay fh_spott_altermannnichtschlagen
 4. Bauerntoechter vsay fh_spott_bauerntoechter
 5. I have two guns ... vsay fh_spott_twogunseachofyou
 6. Bloss hochgebummst ... vsay fh_spott_hochgebumst
 7. Jetzt habe ich eine MP vsay fh_spott_jetzthabeicheinemp
 8. Fernglaskiller ... vsay fh_spott_personal
 9. Danke für die Drecksarbeit! vsay fg_sonstiges_drecksarbeit
 0. Mobile Infanterie vsay fg_sonstiges_infanteriebeitreten
 1. 200 Puls ...  vsay fk_witz_200pulsbald
 2. Jetzt habe ich aber Angst! vsay fk_witz_angst
 3. Explodieren? vsay fk_witz_bombenbomben
 4. Pissen geh'n vsay fk_witz_jederaufkloreitenlos
 5. Lolli ausspucken ... vsay fk_witz_lolli
 6. Schade  Mine!
 7. Maedels unter uns? vsay fk_witz_weibsvolk
 8. Napalm am morgen ... vsay fg_sonstiges_nepal
 9. Kein Mensch  kein Tier ...
 0. Heulen vsay fj_versagen_heulen
1. Deploy Mortar vsay FTMortar
2. Heal The Squad vsay FTHealSquad
3. Heal Me vsay FTHealMe
4. Revive Team Mate vsay FTReviveTeamMate
5. Revive Me vsay FTReviveMe
6. Destroy The Objective vsay FTDestroyObjective
7. Repair Objective vsay FTRepairObjective
8. Construct Objective vsay FTConstructObjective
9. Deploy Landmines vsay FTDeployLandmines
0. Disarm Landmines vsay FTDisarmLandmines
1. Call an Airstrike vsay FTCallAirStrike
2. Call in Artillery vsay FTCallArtillery
3. Resupply The Squad vsay FTResupplySquad
4. Resupply Me vsay FTResupplyMe
5. Explore The Area vsay FTExploreArea
6. Check for Landmines vsay FTCheckLandmines
7. Destroy The Objective vsay FTSatchelObjective
8. Infiltrate vsay FTInfiltrate
9. Go Undercover vsay FTGoUndercover
0. Provide Sniper Cover vsay FTProvideSniperCover


For special "Doom" sounds, use "vsay doomxx" replacing "xx" by a number from 01 to 14: doom01, doom02...



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