Rules of GoC server:

Spawnkilll is allowed

Any Language in mainchat is allowed

NO  Cheating"

NO  Racial comments"

NO  Bug using / glitching"


NO  Recruiting"

NO  intentional blocking"

NO  intentional gameplay ruining (open door for enemies...)"

NO  teambleeding / teamkilling"

NO  Winner Team Joining (WTJ)"

NO  Going spec while poisoned"

NO  provoking"

Admins and special members (donors) can punish those actions in the way they think it's the best. A general schema is:

--> Warn / gib the rule breaker || put him spec / mute / permanent mute (depending on the case) || kick / ban limited time / ban permanent <<--


Players must respect the rules and admins decision. Complaints can be made in the special section in forums.


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