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24-3 22:12:29 rad0g0st «click here to open»
23-3 9:35:50 Thi3F Can some admins tell me simply is TheFunGuy still banned on server or not?... thx
23-3 9:35:16 Thi3F test
20-3 0:22:12 HarryAimpotter Im on the last days of my vaccation in Thailand. I'll be back shortly. Happy fragging you guys!
17-3 7:18:34 rad0g0st «click here to open»
16-3 7:10:35 Dragon hh
14-3 6:35:46 rad0g0st «click here to open» :O
13-3 9:06:05 Thi3F Oh it's working now :D
13-3 9:05:51 Thi3F Chatbox still not working?
9-3 16:36:35 Xane aimbotter.. somebody please come and ban him :/
9-3 16:35:26 Xane cheater on the server, help please! :P
8-3 18:34:35 simpleton He playing as Blue....i'll pop back later when he has been sent to bed.
8-3 18:23:51 simpleton swissy banned him each time but left server now so hes back ....again
8-3 18:23:24 simpleton Please ban cheater.....3 times he been back
5-3 18:12:07 Xane cheater on the server.
5-3 10:54:33 wubbe jeah u didn't troll 4fun, it's true, i saw the demos
4-3 22:06:11 kurvaanyad Batt Secks ban him and direct after that he came back with different account around 3-4k Xp, so ban-ban happened
3-3 17:26:05 Buuust i would like to see some demos, if its possible :)
3-3 17:17:07 HarryAimpotter TheFunguy sure is hacking. Can someone plz ban him?
3-3 12:30:51 4FuN Why would I troll about this, he has aimbot =)
3-3 12:25:01 HarryAimpotter I dont know if this is a troll post or not. But anyway if by aim you mean aimbot then ask Swissy. He sayd that he can ALWAYS tell if someone is using aimbot.
3-3 12:09:34 4FuN I'm 100% sure he has aim
3-3 12:09:04 4FuN Anyone think Thefunguy is suspicious?
2-3 15:44:45 Buuust Harry +1 ;)
2-3 15:29:18 HarryAimpotter @Swissy because once there was a map with no timelimit. People vote for new maps that they haven't played and sometimes they turn out to be shit. It really can't hurt the server to have nextmap option.
2-3 14:47:58 swissy If most of online players vote for a comming map, why you need "callvote after? wired!
2-3 14:47:06 swissy @kurva: yes it is.
2-3 10:28:17 HarryAimpotter GoC hates its regular players :( Why is callvote nextmap disbaled!? Is there any rational explanation to this?
2-3 7:53:29 kurvaanyad Space frag maptime is already only 10 minutes or not?
1-3 23:17:46 Buuust +1 pihi
1-3 21:54:42 pihi or give me nextmap command, I would need it more times anyway
1-3 21:54:26 pihi REMOVE the space frag FFS, is emptying the server every time!
1-3 4:57:01 aimbrosia :)
28-2 16:44:45 [*]Machumat-* +1 aimbro on ur latest post :)
27-2 6:49:11 rad0g0st «click here to open» :D
25-2 11:59:05 kurvaanyad (with timelimit the map crashing at the end)
25-2 11:58:11 kurvaanyad Only !nextmap won"t help, mapscript is also a shit, so the map need completly remove :S
25-2 11:45:52 Monkeylord PS: wouldn't be bad to test all the new maps and settings before putting them online ;)
25-2 11:45:20 Monkeylord We need an admin on the server ASAP to do !nextmap. Map Q3 is currently running without time limit... Endless.
19-2 22:40:37 Buuust I miss you Monkeylod <3
19-2 8:44:14 Sprs What a sad dude only fakenicks :D
18-2 20:10:52 rad0g0st «click here to open» :D
18-2 20:00:21 leroy04 and he was regular here
18-2 20:00:00 leroy04 this is not csgo, rAin was a LL player from finland
18-2 11:16:24 HarryAimpotter rAin is indeed a cheater. I have proof. Posted demo to the forum.
18-2 8:01:47 rad0g0st «click here to open»
18-2 4:42:07 Buuust realy take some chillpill and grow up. :) any proof for ban?
17-2 19:53:00 Nihao anyway, unban Leroy, I wanna play with you again, been some time xD
17-2 19:45:58 Nihao and he isnt finnish
17-2 19:45:45 Nihao rain is pro csgo player as far as I know
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