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7:36-- rad0g0st: «click here to open» :D
17:34-- hubbabubba83: rofl i got ban for beeing cheater wtf
17:35-- hubbabubba83: its just me tech under different name [ chewy ]
17:35-- hubbabubba83: please lift ban
17:47-- Crash: you must speak with Swissy, and prove that really you :D
21:08-- hubbabubba83: lol
5:40-- rad0g0st: RODO :)
11:03-- hubbabubba83: :P
8:00-- Thi3F: «click here to open»
8:01-- Thi3F: xD
13:06-- Lizard: ..
13:10-- Lizard: only those who have a tag should kick and ban
13:11-- Lizard: and leroy
9:38-- Thi3F: and me
12:10-- Thi3F: :D :D
19:50-- rad0g0st: «click here to open»
20:04-- rad0g0st: «click here to open» :D
10:19-- Thi3F: Please remove bots from Troop Train map... all they do is block and push at doorways.
21:35-- rad0g0st: «click here to open»
7:48-- Thi3F: There should be a rule for ragespec players :D
7:48-- Thi3F: For Swissy and Oldngrey
8:17-- swissy: !slap swissy dont ragespec
19:28-- rad0g0st: «click here to open»
12:51-- Monkeylord: GoC down
17:02-- swissy: up again

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